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‘Contemporary Passions’ exhibition

With the Covid pandemic still causing ripples of unease in the Spring of 2021, it might have been considered a gamble to press ahead with the planning for this joint, summer exhibition. However, I for one felt optimistic that by July we should be enjoying enough relaxation of the social rules, to enable the Harbour House Arts Centre to open its doors once more. Thank goodness that proved to be the case, and the upside for me, (the newbie in the group), was that it allowed me to meet some fellow artists in my South Hams neighbourhood.

In total, there were nine ‘SHAF’ artists contributing a really diverse collection of art, both 2D and 3D to the exhibition, which received many compliments and interest, from both locals and further afield visitors. The most exciting development for me was that the Tidal Gallery in Kingsbridge offered to represent me going forward, so what hadn’t sold during ‘Contemporary Passions’, simply moved a little further down Kingsbridge quayside to a new gallery home! With ‘The Conversation selling in the first week there, fingers crossed my work has found its niche.


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