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Devon Open Studios

Eleanor King Open Studio. Photo: Maggie Smith
Eleanor King Open Studio. Photo: Maggie Smith

I discovered too late that artists in the South Hams area predominantly sign up to do the ‘South Hams Art Trail’, which takes place in October. ‘Devon Open Studios’ precedes it by a month, but I found myself out on a limb with only two other artists taking part this side of Totnes. So what with being new to the area, not getting much marketing out there, and one of my grass verge road signs mysteriously disappearing(!), I shall put this one down to experience and sign up to the smaller, but geographically more appropriate event next year.

It clearly makes more sense to be able to link up with other participating local artists, close to my venue, so the trail enables visitors to co-ordinate their trip to see several venues within a stone’s throw, without having to drive miles.

However it was really lovely to meet the wonderful visitors who took the time to come along, one happened to be over from Australia! - and some local artists who took the trouble to make contact and introduce themselves. Thank you to artist Maggie Smith who took and posted this pic on her Instagram feed (@maggiesmithartist)!

So the studio is now set up, and paintings are available for viewing by appointment (via the contact form on this website), or for people who may like to discuss a commission.

See more on the South Hams Art Trail:


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