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Low season, Salcombe

Salcombe, situated on a landlocked salt-water inlet, bordered with picturesque cliffs and dotted with sandy beaches, is bustling with boats, people and holiday-makers during the summer, but at low season, you can tune in to the sheer beauty of the place. One ferry makes regular crossings during the day over to East Portlemouth, on the opposite side, where you can walk the western shoreline to Mill Bay. I’m working on a painting of a view from that side, looking up the estuary towards Batson Creek. My favourite ferry however has to be the gorgeous, ridiculously cute South Sands ferry, which I’ve yet to board, with its familiar yellow, blue and red livery, which can be seen regularly chugging up and down between Whitestrand Quay and South Sands. It looks to have come straight out of the pages of an Enid Blyton Noddy book. It has to feature in a painting soon.

This water-colour sketch of South Sands is also due to become a painting, the clearing skies - late afternoon – in March, prompted the walk, and the light was superb, producing strong patterns of light and dark across the wet sand. My first attempt back in the studio got too over-worked and muddy. The clouds to the left were very dark and threatening, but I need to me braver next time and achieve the drama with some bold use of paint, that first attempt is in the bin I’m afraid! - I’ll give it another go though - it’s worth the perseverance!


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