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Patching’s Exhibition Award

Red Kite over Dartmoor - Eleanor King
Red Kite over Dartmoor - Eleanor King

The Artist’s Magazine 2020 Open Competition finally held its exhibition of winners at Patching’s Art Centre in the autumn of 2021, some 15 months later than scheduled, due to the Covid pandemic. I dropped off a total of five paintings in the Dartmoor series, to the Nottingham Art Centre, en route to a well-earned autumn break on South Uist, one of the Outer Hebridean islands off the west coast of Scotland.

Of course it had been a landscape painting holiday years ago in Scotland that had first inspired me to embrace the challenges of watercolour and whilst the late September weather proved to be too wild, wet and windy to do anything other than test my wet weather gear on some long bracing walks, I did witness some incredible, huge and breathtaking skies that will be sure to feature in some new work soon. Maybe a Hebridean series . . .

So here is the complete series that I am thrilled to say will be heading off to a new gallery in Dartington, Totnes. They recently approached me with a view to adding a watercolourist to their portfolio.

So if any of these paintings interests you, please contact Hannah at the Cider Press Gallery, Dartington, Devon. The paintings should be in situ some time in February/March ‘22


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